Saturday, October 24, 2009

Part of history

Thank you everyone for your basket making magic and creativity. In less than a month, we have made hundreds of baskets and saved thousands of plastic bags from landfill and the sea.

Each one is a unique little beauty!

We will have the baskets on exhibition at The Sydney Opera House, as part of over 5,200 actions in more than 180 countries around the world.

October 24th is the international day of climate action, where people all over the world make their voices heard, calling on leaders to reduce carbon levels in the atmosphere to a safe level of 350 parts per million, and calling for a safe future.

It is the largest collective display of action to fight climate change the world has ever seen.

Find out more here and follow some of the amazing actions here on Twitter

Here's a picture of the baskets taken at Bondi Beach.

Thank you gritters Julie, Rena, Floria, Liane, Bea, Sue, Kylie, Annie, Paula, Yumi, Taka, Tobhi, Sam, Bridget, Bev, Melanie, Petrina, Vanessa, Finn, Lana, Scarlet, Sam, Pepe, Joe, Maya, Di, Harvey, Jackie, Sabrina, Sue, Jessika, Tom, Rachel, Dave, Phillip, Alison, Stefanie, Janos, Sacha, Kirsty, Martha, Sarah, Melanie, Roman, Lola, Piper, Jane, Jenny, Trish, Rowena, Nikki, Daniel, Trudi, Sam, Jett, Jo, Lola, Tess, Joan, Lorelle, Marton, Luke, Simone, Joe, Jack, Ryan, Mel, Michele, Judge, Sally, Imogen, Felix, Felicity, Kitty, Marti, Luke, Bambi, Melissa, Susie, Andre, Kate, Kaye, Trudy, Marty, Alice and all the other brilliant Gritters.

We will let you know about where the exhibition will be going after the Opera House.

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